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The Tablet
Made For Games

Meet the Wikipad 7 – the ultimate portable gaming and entertainment system. Unleash your favorite Android games, movies, music and more. The lightweight, interchangeable, patented game controller assures comfortable game play and allows games to be played as they were intended.


All Fingers and Thumbs?
Wikipad Game Mapper

Available Now

Now you can play your favorite touch-enabled games using the Wikipad controller. Simply drag and drop controls over the available on-screen controls and start playing.
Watch the Wikipad Game Mapper walkthru now.


The games you like, anywhere you want. Take on the latest console-quality Android games with true HD 720p graphics and the precise, familiar performance of a console-grade, interchangeable game controller. With always-on access to Google Mobile Services, Sony Playstation Mobile certified, OnLive PC console gaming (regional variation), NVIDIA TegraZone and Wild Tangent libraries and many others, there is no end to compatible games for the Wikipad 7. Simply unbeatable gaming on the go. Google Play music, books, magazines, movies, TV shows and apps, available anywhere you go.**

** Providers services may vary by country.



We designed the controller to feel great in your hands and have the same playability as your home console controller. The center of balance is engineered to reduce fatigue. It feels almost weightless and its exceptional gripping action makes your tablet safer to hold.


In case you
must work…

Detached from the controller, the Wikipad is a full-functioning tablet with the blazing power of a quad-core CPU and 12-core GPU. Its elegant design fits perfectly in the boardroom and wherever else you conduct your business.
Check gmail or sync email services, read the news, surf the web, study documents, make notes, even play some of your favorite casual games like Angry Birds or Where’s My Water before lunch time comes when you can attach the controller and escape.