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How do I manage my Downloads?

To manage most downloads; touch the Downloads icon on the All Apps screen. Movies and some other content that you download don’t show up in the Downloads app.

Google Play streams your purchases and rentals from Google servers while you’re playing them. They don’t occupy any permanent storage space. However, you can pin (download) books, movies, and other content in order to access it offline.

In addition to downloading content from Google Play, you can download files from Gmail or other sources. Use the Downloads app to view, reopen, or delete what you download in this way.

From the Downloads app:

Touch an item to open it.
Touch headings for earlier downloads to view them.
Check items you want to share. Then touch the Share icon and choose a sharing method from the list.
Check items you want to delete. Then touch the Trash icon.
At the bottom of the screen, touch Sort by size or Sort by date to switch back and forth.
When your tablet is connected to a computer, look in the Download directory to view files available in the Downloads app. You can view and copy files from this directory.

How do I type text by speaking?

You can use voice input to type text by speaking anywhere you might bring up a keyboard. This feature uses Google’s speech-recognition service, so you must have a data connection through a Wi-Fi network to use it.

Touch a text field, or a location in text you’ve already entered in a text field.
Touch the Microphone icon on the onscreen keyboard.
When you see the microphone image, speak what you want to type.
Say “comma”, “period”, “question mark”, “exclamation mark” or “exclamation point” to enter punctuation.

When you pause, what you spoke is transcribed by the speech-recognition service and entered in the text field, underlined. You can touch the Delete key to erase the underlined text. If you start typing or entering more text by speaking, the underline disappears.

How secure is the Android OS?

Security on Android
Android takes a multi-layered approach to security:

Prevent. Apps in Google Play are scanned continuously to block harmful apps and policy violators. You can also choose to have apps installed from other sources verified.
Control. App “sandboxes” keep apps from accessing other parts of your tablet’s operating system, or each other, unless you give permission at installation. Screen lock and encryption help prevent unauthorized access to the entire tablet.
Defend. Once identified, dangerous apps can be removed remotely.

How do I check for Wikipad updates?

You need to be connected to the Internet to do this.

Select SETTINGS icon from the Apps screen.
Select “About tablet”.
Select “Update” Then press “Check update”
Tap “Download”

Why do I have a Gmail and an Email app?

You should use the Email app to read and send email from services other than Gmail. Email includes a wizard that makes it easy to configure it for several popular email service providers, including those based on IMAP, POP3, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Can I change my primary Google account?


1. To make any account the default primary account be sure it is the first account listed under SETTINGS, ACCOUNTS, GOOGLE.

2. If it is not the first account listed you can delete and re-add to make the next account on the list primary.

3. If the account you wish to be primary is not the default account you can also change within the GOOGLE applications.

For example, if you select GOOGLE PLAY and then the MENU bar (3 vertical dots) then select ACCOUNTS you will be provide a list of your current accounts to select from. This selection will remain the default primary account for THAT application.

Can I uninstall apps that I did not download?

You can uninstall Shadowgun, Deadtrigger, Hockey Nations, WildTangent, Nvision, and Tegrazone. All other apps that come preinstalled on your tablet are known as system apps. These can not be uninstalled because they are part of the version of the Android OS running on your Wikipad.

On most devices, system apps include native google apps, such as google maps.

However, you can disable pre-installed GOOGLE PLAY system apps through your device settings. After a system app has been disabled it will be hidden on your device.

If you have disaabled an app you can reenable the app with the following steps:

1. Go to SETTINGS, under DEVICE go to APPS.

2. Swipe TO ALL.

3. Scroll to bottom of the list to view disabled apps.

4. Touch the app from the list you wish to enable.

5. Select ENABLE

*Please note that disabling a built-in app may cause other apps to misbehave and will delete your associated data from that app.

How do I uninstall apps or games that I downloaded?

1. Select SETTINGS, under DEVICE select APPS. You will see it has defaulted to downloaded apps on the MENU bar at the top of your screen.

2. Select the application you wish to uninstall and select UNINSTALL.

*Note if you go to the MYAPPS section of the GOOGLE PLAY STORE at any time you will be able to reinstall any purchased applications that you have previously removed.