You can uninstall Shadowgun, Deadtrigger, Hockey Nations, WildTangent, Nvision, and Tegrazone. All other apps that come preinstalled on your tablet are known as system apps. These can not be uninstalled because they are part of the version of the Android OS running on your Wikipad.

On most devices, system apps include native google apps, such as google maps.

However, you can disable pre-installed GOOGLE PLAY system apps through your device settings. After a system app has been disabled it will be hidden on your device.

If you have disaabled an app you can reenable the app with the following steps:

1. Go to SETTINGS, under DEVICE go to APPS.

2. Swipe TO ALL.

3. Scroll to bottom of the list to view disabled apps.

4. Touch the app from the list you wish to enable.

5. Select ENABLE

*Please note that disabling a built-in app may cause other apps to misbehave and will delete your associated data from that app.