In order to optimize the use of your Wikipad and enjoy the full Wikipad experience please create a FREE Google Account. A credit card is ONLY required if you wish to purchase additional games and services that are not free.

Use Google Play. Google Play brings together all your favorite content in one place: movies, TV shows, books, music, magazines, apps, and more. When you sign in with your Google Account, you can reach any of this content from any of your devices – as long as you have a network connection. You can also shop for more in the Google Play store.

Synchronize and back up everything. Whether you draft an email, add an event to your calendar, or add a friend’s address, your work gets backed up continuously by Google and synchronized with any computer where you use the same Google Account.

Access from anywhere. Check your latest calendar, email, text messages, or social stream, no matter what computer or mobile device you’re using.