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“This newer, smaller unit is instantly more appealing to me as an on-the-go gamer.” “…this thing is so light that it's almost unbelievable.”
"All of the games we tried on it, including graphically-intense ones, ran lightning-fast with no problems..."
Maximum PC
the 7-inch model, it's a tablet built for gaming
it’s more portable, cheaper and much more slick. I want it
It's smaller…but no less powerful
The Wikipad outpaces the Archos Gamepad — a $169.99 Android-based gaming portable slated to arrive this year — boasting more processing power, a higher resolution display, and more local storage.
Venture Beat
Console-style gaming on an Android tablet finally gets a start date now that Wikipad (the company) has set a new release window for its 7-inch slate with video-game-controller-style buttons.
Penny Arcade
It seems a little unbelievable that they would be able to halve the price just by switching to a smaller form factor
...that was a wise decision -- the gaming tablet has returned in a new 7" version
Wikipad – the Android tablet with detachable, console-style controls – is back.
Digital Trends
Gamers on the go, your day is amost upon us.
Wikipad, Inc. made the right call by trusting its early community of supporters. The 7″ form factor looks comfortable, and $249 is a drastically more approachable price point for the average consumer.
Tech Radar
the real draw for the Wikipad is the packaged controller enclosure, essentially turning the tablet into a traditional handheld gaming system
Even better now is that the Wikipad is more portable and presumably easier to hold because of its smaller form factor and costs half as much as it would have originally cost: $249 (7-inch) versus $499 (10-inch).

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